🌍 Immerse yourself in a world of wellness, inspiration, and personal growth as you watch the replay of

The Discover dōTERRA Convention in Jerusalem.

Here are some of the phenomenal speakers who graced the stage and shared their expertise:

🎤 Dr. Alexandra Nitsche: Join Dr. Alexandra Nitsche, a key member of dōTERRA’s Scientific Medical Education Committee (SMEC). With her deep understanding of essential oils and their health benefits, she provides valuable insights into the science behind dōTERRA’s products.

🎤 Dr. Nicole Stevens: Discover the latest developments in clinical research as Dr. Nicole Stevens, dōTERRA’s Director of Clinical Research, shares her knowledge. Learn how dōTERRA continues to advance its products through evidence-based research.

🎤 Alex Dabell: Gain insights into dōTERRA’s innovative nutraceuticals and product innovations from Alex Dabell, the Vice President of Global Nutraceuticals & Innovation. Explore the cutting-edge developments that contribute to dōTERRA’s commitment to quality and effectiveness.

🎤 Kenny J. Anderson: Learn from the expertise of Kenny J. Anderson, a dōTERRA Double Diamond and international business leader. Discover his strategies for building a successful dōTERRA business and find inspiration in his journey to leadership.

🎤 Eric Larsen: Join Eric Larsen, a dōTERRA Double Diamond Master Distributor, as he shares his experiences and insights on achieving success in the dōTERRA business. Discover practical tips and guidance for growing your own business.

🎤 Daniela Romay: Gain inspiration from Daniela Romay, a dōTERRA Presidential Diamond and member of the MEXICO FOUNDER CLUB. Learn from her journey to leadership and gain insights into building a thriving dōTERRA business.

🎤 Rabbi Shneor Ashkenazi: We are honored to have Rabbi Shneor Ashkenazi as a guest speaker at The Discover dōTERRA Convention. Join Rabbi Ashkenazi as he shares his wisdom and insights on the intersection of wellness and spirituality, providing a unique perspective on incorporating essential oils into a holistic lifestyle.

🎤 Corey Lindley: Don’t miss the opportunity to hear from Corey Lindley, the visionary founder and Chief Executive Officer of dōTERRA. Gain valuable insights into the company’s mission, values, and commitment to providing the highest quality essential oils to support your well-being.

🎤 Pini Ben Avraham: Get to know Pini Ben Avraham, the dōTERRA Israel Managing Director. Pini brings his expertise and leadership to the forefront, sharing his passion for essential oils and the positive impact they can have on individuals and communities.

🌟 Israel Founder Club Members:

Kara Blattman-Rock: Hear from Kara Blattman-Rock, a dōTERRA Gold member from Israel, as she shares her experiences and passion for essential oils.
Igor & Marina Lerner: Gain insights from Igor and Marina Lerner, dōTERRA Platinum members from Israel, as they share their expertise in holistic wellness and building a successful dōTERRA business.
Ilana Gutman: Learn from Ilana Gutman, a dōTERRA Platinum member from Israel, as she shares her knowledge and practical tips on incorporating essential oils into your daily routine.
Dr. Sarit Zohar: Discover the expertise of Dr. Sarit Zohar, a dōTERRA Gold member from Israel, as she provides insights into the benefits of essential oils for health and well-being.
Orly & Jude Saar: Join Orly and Jude Saar, dōTERRA Diamond members from Israel, as they share their experiences and success stories in the dōTERRA business.
And many more esteemed speakers await you in the replay of The Discover dōTERRA Convention. This is your chance to learn from industry experts, expand your knowledge, and be inspired on your wellness journey.

Join us on a virtual adventure through Jerusalem, where ancient history meets modern innovation.

Discōver the power of dōTERRA’s essential oils and unlock the potential of natural wellness.

Spread the word, and get ready for an unforgettable journey with dōTERRA.

Together, we’ll create a wave of positive change that ripples worldwide.